Ruby and the Yeast Addicts

These are two of our cats- Pearl and Lydia.
As you can see, they are pretty laid back kitties ....though they can be rather particular when it comes to what's on the menu. Here they are helping me with some paperwork in my office while Ruby observes basic typing skills.

Shortly after Ruby came to stay with us, I began to notice that things around the house would occasionally wind up curiously changed or rearranged in some way. I had no reason to believe that this was related in any way to Ruby's arrival. At first I suspected that perhaps my husband was becoming a bit absent minded, and I thought little of it.
One afternoon when I came home unexpectedly early, I found Pearl happily licking a pool of spilt cream on the kitchen table. This I found rather odd because my husband never uses cream- I'm the only one who uses cream in my morning coffee, and I certainly did not leave the bottle lying about so carelessly.
Pearl wasn't talking.

Time passed, and the incident was not repeated.

As a conscientious cat owner, I try to insure that our kitties eat a healthy diet. But try as I might to entice them with vitamin treats and such, they usually turn up their noses at any kind of nutritional supplements I offer them.
One day I impulsively bought a bottle of yeast and garlic tablets for dogs and cats. The lady at the health food store assured me the tablets were a healthy dietary pet supplement and that her cats seemed to love them.
Back home, I read the directions ("Feed one to two tablets daily to adult cats"), I opened the jar (after struggling with the child-proof lid) and called the kitties over. Well imagine my surprise when they took one quick sniff and then each bolted down their allotted tablet in a positive frenzy! Duly amazed, I gave them each a second tablet which was frantically devoured as well. I closed the jar and put it in the cupboard, but the kitties were not happy with this arrangement. They followed me about, desperately sniffing at my tablet scented hand and meowing at me pathetically. The next day after wildly devouring their two yeast tablets each, they became so frantic that I caved in and gave them each a third tablet, against my better judgment.

They wanted more.

The situation was rapidly deteriorating, with the kitties demonstrating more and more desperate cravings for the tablets, despite my having upped the dosage to four tablets daily per cat. I decided I would have to wean them back slowly, ignoring their maniacal howling and pitiful pleading. I cut the tablets back to two.

That evening I observed the cats skulking about nervously in the hallway outside Ruby's room. The following day I came upon the yeast tablet bottle mysteriously left out on the kitchen counter next to a can opener, of all things. I put the bottle back in the cupboard and closed it firmly.

Several days passed, with the cats continuing in a state of extreme agitation.

Then one night, during the pre-dawn hours, I was awakened by strange faraway sounds. Putting on my robe, I traced the sounds to the basement. I crept quietly down the basement steps with some apprehension, afraid to perhaps surprise an intruder. Instead I came upon this little scene:

With a bit of persuasion, the story came out...
The kitties had become so frantic and addicted that they had made some sort of a 'deal' with Ruby to procure extra tablets for them. Ruby refused to divulge further details to me (claiming she was "no stooly" and was not about to "sing like a canary") except to admit that the bottle's child-proof cap had proved a real obstacle for her, thus she had been forced resort to using cruder methods to gain access to the drug source.
I explained to Ruby that a life of crime was a dead end road, and that addiction was a sorrowful state indeed, not to be used as an opportunity for profit. The jig was up, Ruby was grounded for a week, and the kitties were compelled to make amends and 'go straight' as regards to yeast tablets.

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