Skate rides, 25 cents

Ruby's short-lived 'roller skate ride' enterprise.

Ruby is a bright young lady, and frequently demonstrates initiative. I try to encourage this practical quality in the girls.
I believe Ruby was watching some of the neighborhood children roller skating on the sidewalks one day and hatched an idea to become an entrepreneur of sorts. She 'borrowed' one of my roller skates from the closet and decided to start a business offering roller rides to the other children for a small fee. As far as children's activities go, I saw no more harm in this than one might see in a typical sidewalk lemonade stand.

Ruby set about industriously planning.

Things seemed to go well at first. I could hear the rolling of wheels over the wood floor, and the gay laughter of the children while I worked. Here you see Wu, his sister Ping Yao, and Heidi enjoying their skating ride, powered by Ruby herself.

Unfortunately, this happy state of affairs did not last long. After a while my work was interrupted by awful crashing noises. I rushed frantically to the stairs and found....

Needless to say, that was the extent of Ruby's skate ride enterprise.
Thank goodness no one was seriously injured in the 'accident', the worst being Heidi's twisted ankle and Ping Yao's loss of a front baby tooth which might have been loose already anyway though.

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