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This is Ruby.
She first arrived to live with us over a year ago. Though she had no birth certificate amongst her belongings, the Home estimated her age to be about five. Little else was known about her background. Apparently one of the few items she had on her person when found in the snow was a folded paper, yellowed with age, with my name and address written on it in longhand, followed by some illegible text that had apparently been erased at some point.
It was assumed that Ruby must be related to me in some way, so I was contacted and sent her ID photo (above) along with a letter of request in hopes of my providing temporary lodging for her. After some soul-searching deliberation, I agreed to this temporary arrangement on a trial basis, and little Ruby was dropped off shortly thereafter.

With new clothes and improved grooming habits, Ruby proved to be quite comely in appearance. After a period of adjustment, she also revealed the positive qualities of intelligence, resourcefulness, and charm.


There have been a few 'rough spots', or incidents that have made for less than smooth sailing along the way. We do our best to keep things on course and provide guidance on a day to day basis, though at times the situation has been a... challenge.

Despite this, since Ruby's arrival we have in fact opened our home to several other needy waifs as well. This has led to some rather interesting and unexpected interactions.
I feel compelled to here chronicle some of these events and developments, both positive and negative, in the hopes that it might conceivably be of some help to others finding themselves in similar circumstances. In addition, there is always the (admittedly remote) possibility of locating distant relatives of some of the small ones featured on these pages.

As time allows, I will be creating more pages to record the activities of Ruby and her little friends. Please do come back occasionally to check for further updates and new page links listed at the bottom of this page.

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